The Legal Framework for Sports Development in Nigeria

Article published on African Sports Law and Business Journal - AFRICAN SPORTS LAW AND BUSINESS BULLETIN 1/2013 -      Introduction Sports literature usually commence with an allusion to the extent to which sport has grown in the past few decades. This growth is obvious and it has heralded the development of sports as

After Goal-Line Technology, What Next?

When on the 5th of July, 2012 the International Football Association Board (IFAB) approved the use of goal-line technology (GLT), it was victory for advocates of GLT. Being the body responsible for the Laws of the Game, any changes or modifications must be sanctioned by the IFAB and the traditional

Nigerian Sports and the Drawing Board: Implementing Sports Policy

The London 2012 Olympics have come and gone. Along with it went a nation’s hopes for at least a medal. From the sprinter to the fighter, no Nigerian was able to bask in the euphoria of a podium finish. Even the basketball team that would want to boast of being